Learn All About NorthstarMLS Paragon—A New MLS Front-End of Choice!

Until now, you have had only one choice for your MLS front-end system: Matrix. That changes starting today!

NorthstarMLS  and  Black Knight  are delighted to provide you  access to the MLS industry’s leading, award-winning  Paragon MLS System. NorthstarMLS Paragon will contain the exact same MLS data that you access now in NorthstarMLS Matrix. But it is a completely different front-end system with different features and interface.

Don’t worry, Matrix is not going anywhere. But with Paragon, you have another choice. Either use it in place of Matrix (at no additional charge) or add it as an additional front-end (for a small annual fee—as low as $75 per year—details coming soon) so that you can take advantage of the best of both worlds!

To introduce you to NorthstarMLS Paragon, all NorthstarMLS subscribers now have access for a trial period (through the end of August) at no charge. You can also attend a brief one-hour webinar (see below) to learn more about how Paragon can make you more successful.

You are already set up with a free trial account on NorthstarMLS Paragon. It uses the same Single Sign-on system as Matrix, so your same NorthstarMLS User ID and password will get you in. Here is the web address for those who want to dive in, though we strongly suggest you attend one of the webinars below to get oriented:

NorthstarMLS Paragon:  https://nsmls.paragonrels.com/

Sign up for a Paragon Webinar!
SAVE TIME, STAND APART and be more PRODUCTIVE. Register for his exciting webinar which will introduce you to Paragon, your award-winning MLS alternate system of choice. Register and be prepared to get a jump start on the way you and your customers will both benefit. This webinar will show you Easy and Powerful features of Paragon, such as True Multi-Tasking, Collaboration Center, Parcel Data, Property Watch and much-much more.  

Make Your MLS systems work for You. Register today for this exciting and fun opportunity! A $50 Amazon Gift Card will randomly be picked from the attendees every FRIDAY. 

Pick a Date and Time Below to Sign Up: 

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Don’t worry, Matrix is not going anywhere! We are simply adding more choices for your MLS front-end system that will contain the exact same listings data and connection to core services as Matrix. Industry-leading Paragon from Black Knight will be available to you as a replacement for Matrix at no additional cost, or as an add-on to Matrix for a small fee. Watch for more details coming soon, including introductory webinars and a free-trial period.

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Host LIVE Showings From Your Phone!

ShowingTime LIVE Video equips agents with a solution to conduct LIVE video showings directly from the ShowingTime mobile app with the tap of a button, enabling their clients to participate in showings from the comfort of their homes. It simplifies the process by giving agents and your clients one common platform for LIVE video showings to promote interaction, while also giving you complete control over participant settings.

While ShowingTime LIVE Video is available at no additional cost until September 1st, it will become an add-on subscription cost after that. ShowingTime has not set that cost yet but they expect it to be $10/month or less.

Want to try it out free until September 1st? Click here to download the ShowingTime LIVE Video Quick Start Guide. Or check out this recorded webinar that walks you through how to use this ShowingTime feature. 

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As you’re likely well aware, Minnesota is currently in the “Stay Safe” phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Any businesses planning to reopen their doors are required to adopt a Preparedness Plan and follow the published guidelines from DEED, MDH, CDC and OSHA by June 29, 2020

The Preparedness Plan must contain certain items that you will need to incorporate site-specific best practices for your particular business operations surrounding health and wellness, social distancing, cleaning, sanitation and protection, and operations and communications with your sales associates, clients, and visitors in mind. Adapting your plan and policies to accommodate showings and open houses will be important in helping Minnesotans stay safe. 

Minnesota Realtors® recently released this handy guide of suggestions and considerations as we keep moving forward during this pandemic. If you missed any NorthstarMLS COVID-19 news, click here

Get the latest updates on The Wisconsin Department of Health Services gradual process of reopening, called the Badger Bounce Back, here

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All Square Footage Fields to be Required

(Open this announcement in PDF format for printing)

Starting August 4, the following square footage fields will become required entries for all listings in the property types Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential and Farm.

  • Above Ground Total Square Feet
    (The total of any upper plus main floor square feet. Bonus room above garage included only if accessible from interior of house.)
  • Below Ground Total Square Feet
    (The total of all lower square feet. Do not include tuckunder garage.)
  • Main Floor Total Square Feet
    (Total square feet on the main floor only. For a 1, 1.5, or 2-story, or split, include foundation size plus any overhang. Do not include 3-season porches, or any outside amenities, even if covered—porches, decks, patios, etc. For a split level, include the entry/foyer area.)
  • Garage Square Feet (not required for Condominium styles)
    (Total square feet of the entire garage. Do not include add-on portions, such as loft or upper level. The purpose is to help buyers determine the number and size of vehicles/items that will fit.)

These “Total” square footage fields count both finished and unfinished square footage.

A reminder on already required square footage fields:

  • Above Ground Finished Square Footage: Total finished square footage measured at and above ground level; ground level as it appears from the front view of the building. Includes all floors and levels above this line.
  • Below Ground Finished Square Footage: Total finished square footage measured below ground level. For appraisers, that’s any area below ground, even if it’s only one wall, means the whole level is below ground. Finished area must have flooring, wall covering (trimmed) and ceiling.

Appraiser TIP When you describe above/below, look at where your feet are at any place in a level – if your feet are below the ground outside the wall (at ANY place in that level), the level is regarded as being below grade (i.e., basement).

Why is NorthstarMLS going to start requiring these fields?
The new requirement to complete these fields is based on continued feedback that we need to provide the most accurate information about currently finished areas as well as possible expansion of living areas. It helps to sell the house if buyers know how much additional space could be finished.

What should be included in the unfinished portion of the Total Square Footage?
Any unfinished portion that has the potential to be finished should be included. Do not include crawl spaces, cellars or other similar spaces that could not be made livable. Areas with mechanicals (furnace, a/c, laundry, etc.) may be included.

Where can I find these square footages?
Depending on the County, they may be available in the public tax record (available here through Realist or the County website). Please note that quality and accuracy can vary by County or even within a County. Your best bet is to conduct your own measurements.

How do I measure square footages?

  • NorthstarMLS has a couple popular measuring videos featuring a local appraiser. These are a webinar on The Basics of Measuring, a measuring demo of a 1920s bungalow, and a measuring demo of a 4-level split.
  • Review how-to guides from Standards organizations such as ANSI and AMS.
  • Hire a licensed appraiser to do the measurements. Many experienced appraisers offer this service and can save you the trouble and uncertainty.
  • Monitor your Association’s course offerings in case square footage measurement courses are offered.

What about current listings where I have not completed these fields?
The fields will not become required until August 4, allowing you time to obtain or measure them for your existing listings. Starting August 4, you will not be able to make and save changes to existing listings until the new required fields are also completed.

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Remine Pro Feature Spotlight: Carts 

If you haven’t heard yet, Remine Pro is now included as part of your NorthstarMLS subscription (at no additional charge) – giving you many more features that connect you with clients and streamline your daily workflow. 

Carts is a centralized location for you to manage saved properties. With Remine Pro, you have the ability to share carts with your clients and track their feedback – similar to the Matrix Client Portal. 

The Carts export gives users the ability to download property data within a Cart to a CSV file. We’re providing agents with more data points by adding over 100 additional fields to the Carts export! You have the opportunity to choose to export all the columns or manually select the columns.

Watch the short video to learn more about how Remine Pro Carts work!

To access Remine, click the “Remine” link in the External Links box here on the Matrix home screen, or select “Remine” from the Home tab drop-down menu.

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We are thrilled to announce that the Northwest Minnesota Association of Realtors (NWMAR) has joined our Common Data Platform.

This means that, while they have not joined NorthstarMLS as a full-on client MLS, NWMAR members are now entering all their listings into our common database, using the NorthstarMLS Add/Edit system. They use their own separate front-end MLS interface, but their entire listing inventory is available to you here in Matrix. This includes offers of compensation as shown on each listing. Your listings (with offer of compensation) are also available to NWMAR agents. Another success at removing the artificial boundaries for you and your clients!

NWMAR is based in Bemidji and has listings in a large area of northwest Minnesota. Primarily the counties of Beltrami, Cass, Clearwater, Hubbard, Kittson, Koochiching, Lake of the Woods, Marshall, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake and Roseau.

We welcome NWMAR to our Common Data Platform and hope you enjoy this latest expansion and the increase in opportunities for Realtors to cooperate across the state.

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With your NorthstarMLS subscription, you have access to the best tools that simplify business for real estate professionals. 

Did you know that there are over 20 Core Services? These are the applications and services that are included with your MLS fees at no additional charge — which include Matrix, ShowingTime, Add/Edit, Homesnap, Realist, Remine, Infosparks and much more.

Take a look at the redesigned NorthstarMLS Core Services Page — it’s easy to navigate and see the tools that are available to you. 

Here’s a List of All the NorthstarMLS Core Services

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NorthstarMLS recently updated its lake and river names in Minnesota to the most recent from our data source: the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). With this update, most changes were minor, with the DNR simply dropping the word “Lake” in some cases. For example, Lake Darling.

All NorthstarMLS listings in Minnesota with waterfront names were automatically updated where there was a change. Listings, saved searches, auto-emails and search controls have also been updated as needed.

Contact our Help Desk if you have questions or need help: help@northstarmls.com or 651-251-5456 (1-877-251-5455). Our business hours are M-F, 8:00 to 5:00.

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