Did you hear the news? All NorthstarMLS subscribers have been upgraded from the Remine Starter plan to Remine Pro as a core service — at no additional charge! This upgrade unlocks the following top features to help you connect with clients and streamline your workflow — all within one platform:

  • Advanced search: Access nationwide search and advanced custom filters
  • Additional map layers: New map layers include flood zone, distressed deals, home equity, absentee, and more
  • Remine Live: Live stream virtual open houses within the Remine mobile app (learn more about this new feature on the Remine Blog)
  • Client Engage: Connect with clients and track real-time feedback on properties you’ve shared with them
  • Contact information: Unlimited access to contact information for individuals associated with a property
  • Buy Score: Identify clients who are most likely to buy a home within the next year with Remine’s predictive analytics
  • StepOne: Impress your clients with a free Equifax credit report
  • Docs: Upload, e-sign, send, and organize all your documents within Remine

How to Leverage Remine for Your Business
Increase your visibility to consumers and increase efficiency in transactions with Remine’s simple digital workflows today! In this three-part blog series, Remine walks agents through the best ways to leverage Remine for their business:

  1. Develop Your Business with Remine
  2. Engage with Clients and Leverage Contacts
  3. Market to Your Target Audience

Start Taking Advantage of These New Features!
To access Remine, click the “Remine” link in the External Links box here on the Matrix home screen, or select “Remine” from the Home tab drop-down menu. Download the Remine mobile app.

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Safely navigating showings has become one of the more challenging aspects for real estate professionals. At NorthstarMLS, we hear about these challenges and the need for extra diligence and cooperation among agents to keep everyone safe. While we cannot dictate how agents and sellers manage their showings (except that you have a confirmed appointment to access the property), we offer these hopefully helpful suggestions from your fellow agents:

  • Per the Code of Ethics, follow the guidelines set by the seller and their agent. If requested, wear a mask, use sanitizer, wear shoe covers, touch as little as possible (wear gloves), etc. Consider whether leaving a business card may make the seller feel uncomfortable. You may want to take these and other precautions regardless of whether asked.
  • Do not run over your allotted appointment time. Aside from a possible Code of Ethics complaint (and potentially fineable), if you stay past your scheduled time, you are affecting the next appointment who likely needs to wait outside until you are finished (or the ability of the owner and their family to return).
  • The default setting in ShowingTime is to not allow overlapping showings. Though not recommended, if you override this setting to allow overlap, please inform your showing agents.
  • If you are the List Agent and have guidelines, communicate them clearly to all showing agents. Set the home ahead of time to facilitate, for example interior doors open and lights on (to minimize need to touch), provide sanitizer at key locations, etc.
  • Notify the List Agent (or click “Done Showing” in the ShowingTime app) if you leave significantly earlier than your scheduled finish time.
  • Consider the optimal time for your showing appointments. As List Agent, what should you set as the maximum appointment time given the current high demand? We hear that a lot of appointments allow up to an hour, causing available appointments to fill very quickly and limiting the pool of buyers. Also, some showing agents schedule for only 15 minutes and then run into overlapping with the next appointment because they did not allow enough time.
  • Review this Open Houses Guide with tips from Minnesota Realtors Association
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UPDATE: In-person open houses (Public and Broker) are once again available for scheduling on NorthstarMLS.

If you and your clients choose to schedule an in-person open house, it is still critical that you take precautions to protect your clients, the public and yourself. Please take a moment to review this letter from Chris Galler (CEO) and Susan Dioury (Legal Counsel and SVP) from the Minnesota Realtors Association. As they state, “you should consider adopting a plan that incorporates site-specific best practices surrounding health and wellness, social distancing, cleaning, sanitation and protection, and operations and communications with your sales associates, clients, and visitors in mind.”

Please also review Open House Considerations, provided by the Minnesota Realtors Association. This helpful document outlines practical steps you can take to help protect health and safety at Open Houses.

NorthstarMLS has made permanently available the “Virtual” Live Stream Open House types for those who prefer to conduct them.

We appreciate everyone’s understanding of the need to restrict Open House scheduling throughout the Governor’s stay-at-home order. It was instrumental in his decision to include Real Estate as an essential service.

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Matrix Client Portal Search is Here!

The Matrix Client Portal client search feature (announced a couple weeks ago), is now LIVE. This allows your clients to conduct their own searches right within their own Portal. And, through Matrix, you can monitor any searches they save, opening opportunity for further dialog with your clients. Watch our quick 4-minute video to see how it works, including how to set yourself to be notified (email or text) whenever your client saves a new search. Your clients’ portals have a “Help?” link in the upper right corner where they can access a 4-minute video and quick PDF guide on how to use their Portal, including this new search feature.

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Dear Industry Colleagues:

We are all facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our homes and families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life. During this time, I wanted to reach out and update you on how the Broker Public Portal with Homesnap is specifically addressing the needs of brokers and agents around the country.

First and foremost, our hearts go out to anyone who’s been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. We’re focused on the health and safety of our staff, colleagues and members. And we’re truly inspired by the selfless healthcare workers around the country who are on the front lines working tirelessly to care for people in need.

Second, the BPP is working closely with the industry, to ensure that MLSs, brokerages, and agents have the tools they need to weather this storm. We published the electronic Agent Guide to Homesnap During COVID-19 to highlight key features of Homesnap that help keep real estate business going while social distancing measures are in place, such as Virtual Open Houses and Homesnap Stories.

Third, the BPP with Homesnap remains laser-focused on the success of MLSs and brokerages. We continue to enhance our product to better serve our partners and their communities. This moment reminds us that we’re all connected like never before, and being of service to one another is crucial in this moment.

As we move forward, the BPP stands committed to serving the industry through this pandemic, and we always value your questions, ideas and feedback. I invite you to read the attached guidebook to learn more about Homesnap’s offering and partnership opportunities. Please contact our team at BPP@Homesnap.com anytime with questions or feedback. Stay safe!


John Mosey
President & CEO, NorthstarMLS
Chairman, The Broker Public Portal

Experience Remine Pro’s Recently Enhanced Platform

Did you hear the news? All NorthstarMLS subscribers have been upgraded from the Remine Starter plan to Remine Pro as a core service — at no additional charge!

Remine Pro includes map-based, public records-enhanced property searches, unlimited contact information for prospecting, a fully integrated comparative market analysis (CMA) tool, that incorporates NorthstarMLS & off-market properties, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, chat and collaboration client portal tools, a scoring system that predicts the likelihood that someone will sell, integrated tracking, a mobile app and more.

Watch the Training Video below for a complete walk-through of Remine Pro

Stay tuned for live Remine training webinars this spring!

To access Remine, click the “Remine” link in the External Links box here on the Matrix home screen, or select “Remine” from the Home tab drop-down menu.

Configure Your Listings for Virtual Showings in ShowingTime 

With ShowingTime’s latest release, listing agents can now configure their listings for 1) Virtual Appts Only 2) In-Person and Virtual Appts or 3) In-Person Appts Only. This setting can be configured per listing by choosing from a drop-down menu on each listing’s setup worksheet, or agents can choose a setting for all their listings in their user profile.

When Virtual Appts Only is selected, the access details for the home are intentionally hidden from the buyer’s agent. They remain in the account should you decide to switch the listing back to allow In-Person Appts, but are not visible for Virtual Appts Only since no one will be accessing the home.

Notes added by the listing agent are highlighted for easy visibility by the buyer’s agent and include information on how the virtual showing will happen. When using the ShowingTime app, agents can easily share these notes by tapping the newly added ‘share’ button and sending the information via text or email.

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Matrix Client Portal Search Coming Soon!

The Matrix Client Portal will soon have a new feature that will allow your clients to conduct their own searches right within their own Portal. And, through Matrix, you will be able to monitor any searches they save, opening opportunity for further dialog with your clients. This new feature will be released Tuesday evening May 12th, but we want to let you know about it now so you are prepared. Watch our quick 4-minute video to see how it will work.

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Training Webinar: Grow Your First-time Homebuyer Business with Down Payment Connect

Join the folks at Down Payment Resource this Tuesday and learn how to start more conversations that lead to homeownership by highlighting information about down payment programs in your marketing campaigns, website content and social media platforms. During this training session, you’ll also learn how Down Payment Resource’s agent tool, Down Payment Connect, can match your clients to homeownership programs and deliver leads right to your inbox.

DPR is a NorthstarMLS core service that’s used to connect buyers to potential down payment programs they may be eligible for. You can access it from Matrix by clicking the link in the External Links box. 

Virtual Open vs Virtual Tour

We are pleased to see many of you taking advantage of the new live stream virtual open house options on NorthstarMLS.

There has been some confusion between these new virtual open houses and virtual tours, as well as the rules around them. Some of you are incorrectly uploading your Virtual Tours as live stream Virtual Open Houses. We understand—it’s all new and gets confusing! Here is a quick guide to help you navigate the differences.

Live Stream Virtual Open House vs. Virtual Tour

  • Virtual Open House: a live stream event set for a specific day and time. May be set to Public (available to all, including clients, consumers and IDX/third party data feeds) or Broker (available to agents and viewable only within the MLS). Check out this list of live stream vendors.
  • Virtual Tour: a pre-recorded tour of the house.

 It is important to note that different rules apply to each as follows:

Live Stream Virtual Open House
While the public face to face open house has been suspended, agents may use the virtual open house fields to advertise their public live-stream events. 

  • Must be a live event. Usually, consumers may participate and ask real time questions about the property.
  • Someone (typically the agent) will walk through the home, live, at the scheduled time for collective viewing
  • Use the virtual open house fields in NorthstarMLS to specify the date/time of the live event and provide a URL for access to the live stream event.
  • Because the live stream virtual open house is in place of a face-to-face open house, the agent may introduce him/herself and be visible during the live event.
  • On NorthstarMLS, you may promote the virtual open house only in the designated open house fields and in Agent Remarks. Outside NorthstarMLS, you are free to promote the event through your usual marketing channels.

Virtual Tours
With the addition of live stream virtual open houses, no changes were made to what constitutes a virtual tour or the rules around them.

  • Agents may upload up to 2 virtual tour URLs per listings.
  • A virtual tour on the MLS is a link to pre-recorded videos and/or photo slideshows of the property. 
  • The video (and everything displayed around the video) must be unbranded and cannot link to any other websites.
  • Because YouTube and Google Docs do not allow the branding or links to be suppressed, they do not meet MLS display requirements.
  • Options for hosting the video include using a page on your broker or agent website that displays only the video or using a third-party photographer or video service to host the video.  The video hosting site Vimeo allows all links and branding to be suppressed if you have a Vimeo Pro or Vimeo Plus account.

Questions? Contact our Help Desk at help@northstarmls.com, 651-251-5456 (1-877-251-5455). We are available M-F, 8:00-5:00.

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