New Coming Soon Status


NorthstarMLS is pleased to announce the availability (starting November 14) of a new MLS status called “Coming Soon.” The Coming Soon Status allows you to pre-market your listing through the MLS for a limited time until it is ready for showings.

Before you set a listing to Coming Soon Status, please ensure you are educated on how it works and its proper use. We have these materials to help you:

A quick glance at the highlights of Coming Soon status:

  • Property cannot be shown while in Coming Soon status ($1,000 fine for violation)
  • Listing is viewable on Matrix by all agents and can be shared with their clients via email, print and the Client Portal
  • Broker/Agent IDX websites will receive Coming Soon listings in their data feed and may choose to display them
  • Non-IDX third party websites will not receive Coming Soon listings in their broker-directed data feeds, though agent/broker may add them there themselves
  • Requires a seller-signed Coming Soon Authorization form (available in Instanet) be uploaded with the listing
  • Listing may remain in Coming Soon status for no more than 21 days, after which it will automatically convert to Active status (or sooner, depending on the Availability Date you set in our Add/Edit system).
  • Market time does not accrue while in Coming Soon status

As always, if you have questions or need help, contact our Help Desk at, 651-251-5456 (1-877-251-5455). Our business hours are M-F, 8:00 to 5:00.

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New Add/Edit System

The final components of our new Add/Edit system are now LIVE (listing input, edit, copy and search). These have the same look and feel of the previously released media, open houses, and team functions.

A couple things to note:

  • On the Add/Edit home screen, there will be a “Past Listings” section that will have all your off market listings. We need a few more days to get that in place. In the meantime, if you need to look at your off markets, use the search bar to search your name (or NRDS ID), and the status you want (such as Sold).
  • As already noted, the “Special Edit” feature will not be available to Head and Office Brokers for another couple weeks. If you have Head or Office Broker permissions and need any special edits, email them to our Help Desk at (with Special Edit in the subject line) and we will take care of them for you both during and outside normal business hours.

The Help section of our Add/Edit system includes videos and PDF print guides. Here are quick links to the latest.

Also included with this release are the new and enhanced data fields we posted last week. These are now reflected in the NorthstarMLS listing input forms in Instanet.

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Add/Edit Final Release and Downtime

The NorthstarMLS Add/Edit system will be unavailable Monday night, November 5, from 11:00pm until 3:00am Tuesday morning.

During this time, we are releasing the final components of our newly designed Add/Edit system: Listing input, edit, copy and search. This will have the same look and feel of the previously released media, open houses, and team functions.

If you would like a preview of what the redesign of the rest of the system will look like, we have print guides and videos prepared.

Also included with this release are the new and enhanced data fields we posted last week. The NorthstarMLS listing input forms on Instanet will reflect these changes Tuesday morning.

Important note to Office Brokers: Those with Office and Head Broker permissions have a “Special Edit” feature for making certain listing changes that are not available to agents in the regular Edit function. This Special Edit portion requires more time to complete in the new system and will be released on November 20. If you are an Office or Head Broker and need any special edits on your listings between now and then, please email the details to our Help Desk ( with Special Edit in the subject line, and we will take care of the edits for you.

Questions? Contact our Help Desk at, 651-251-5456 (1-877-251-5455 toll free). We’re here M-F, 8:00 to 5:00.

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New & Improved Data Fields

The final piece of our Add/Edit system (listing input and search) is coming the week of November 5. Included with that release will be new data fields and new options under existing fields. Many of these are to accommodate our SEMR MLS merger and improve our own system.

Please take a few moments to check out our detailed list of MLS field changes.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Additional Square Footage fields: Total Above Ground, Total Main Floor, Total Below Ground and Total Square Footage fields. Each of these fields combine both finished and unfinished square footage to reflect the full potential of the home.
  • Commercial Leases: NorthstarMLS will accept For Lease properties in the Commercial/Mixed Use property type.
  • Rental Licenses: You can indicate whether the property you are selling has a license to be rented and if so, what type. This has become increasingly important in greater Minnesota, especially resort areas and the communities around Mayo.
  • More Amenities: Options to identify more amenities, such as Broadband availability, Cable, Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet, Wet Bar, Kitchen Center Island, Water Filtration System and more.
  • Farm Details: We are adding 35 new fields to the Farm property type to better describe the information buyers need to know. We are also accepting Farm Land without a house to be entered into the Farm property type.
  • Coming Soon Status: Unrelated to the SEMR merger, this new status will be available November 14 and allow you to expose listings on the MLS in advance of being ready to go on market and be shown. Watch for more details in the next week!

Don’t forget to check out all the changes in our comprehensive list.

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Advanced Matrix Training Videos


Our NorthstarMLS Advanced Training Videos are geared for intermediate level NorthstarMLS Matrix users and will walk you through some of the advanced features of the Matrix system.

Matrix Advanced Videos Include:

Check out our Advanced Matrix Training Videos here. For more NorthstarMLS Matrix tips, don’t forget to check out our Matrix Beginner video series!

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WCAR Merging MLS Ops with NorthstarMLS

We are very pleased to announce that the West Central Association of Realtors (WCAR) is merging its MLS operations with NorthstarMLS. All WCAR members (approximately 400) will use NorthstarMLS as their primary MLS. Based in Willmar, WCAR serves real estate professionals, and includes listings, throughout west central and southern Minnesota.

As with the upcoming NorthstarMLS and SEMR MLS Operations merger, members and subscribers of both organizations will see many benefits.

  • Agents and appraisers (and their clients) will have access to all listings in our combined region, including offers of cooperation and compensation.
  • Brokers, agents and appraisers belonging to two Associations to access both WCAR and NorthstarMLS listings will now be able to access all listings through a single Association membership, saving costs and eliminating the overhead of double listing input into two systems.
  • New MLS data fields and enhanced existing fields to accommodate greater Minnesota needs and benefiting all NorthstarMLS users.
  • Greater cooperation between brokers and agents across the State, directly benefiting buyers and sellers.
  • Another positive example to all Associations in the State of how well greater collaboration between MLS’s benefits all brokers and agents, whether through participation in the Regional, or simply operating from a common data platform.

We are targeting late February to complete the conversion of all WCAR members and their listings from their current MLS to NorthstarMLS. Watch for more details as we combine to make our markets work better!

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October MyFloodStatus Webinars

NorthstarMLS has partnered with MyFloodStatus, allowing you to order the most accurate flood reports in the industry, at a discounted rate.

Join the experts at MyFloodStatus for a 30-minute webinar specially scheduled for NorthstarMLS subscribers. Click here or on the graphic below to get signed up. Dates and times below. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Have You Made Your Voice Heard Yet?

Over 3,000 NorthstarMLS subscribers have already made their voices heard by completing our quick, annual 2-question survey.

Have you made your voice heard in 2018? NorthstarMLS staff and Board members read every survey comment to help plan the focus of resources for 2019. Participate in this planning effort–evaluate NorthstarMLS and help make it better–we want your opinion!

Now is your final chance, as our survey closes after Sunday, October 21. Just 60 seconds or less to respond.

Four randomly drawn respondents will win a Target store gift card of $100 (2 of them, 2 different winners), $75 & $50.

Answer the two quick questions now


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A Message from Your Leadership

Watch this quick and important message from your leadership regarding the upcoming NorthstarMLS and SEMR MLS operations merge.

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BPP Leaders

In under 2 minutes, these brokers explain (in the video below) why Broker Public Portal with Homesnap is such an asset to the real estate industry in a world of portals run by third parties selling advertisements. BPP leads go direct to the List Agent at no additional cost. This tool also connects you with your existing contacts and is available to you as a core NorthstarMLS service at no extra charge. If you are not already using it, learn how!

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