Suspending Inactive Assistant Accounts

Associations will soon start suspending the accounts of office assistants and unlicensed assistants who have not logged on to any NorthstarMLS system in the last 75 days. This will be an ongoing process.

If ever you find that an office assistant or unlicensed assistant needs their account reactivated after a 75-day or longer inactive period, contact your Association. They can quickly restore access.

The purpose of this process is to eliminate inactive accounts and the costs associated with maintaining them. You can help by notifying your Association whenever you have an office assistant or unlicensed assistant who leaves the company or your personal employ. When you hire a new assistant, do not give them the ID and password of the previous person. It’s important to contact your Association and request a new ID.

Also, please remember it is a violation of NorthstarMLS rules for any assistant to access NorthstarMLS systems using an agent’s ID. Assistants must log in with their own ID and password and use the team function to work on behalf of an agent.

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