New DPR Tutorial Videos Available

  • Pricing Widget (2:09 minutes): The Down Payment Resource Pricing Widget is a helpful tool for both listing and selling agents. As a listing agent, you can attract more buyers by marketing the assistance programs for which your listing may be eligible. Easily adjust the price and quickly preview available programs to determine your optimal listing price. As a selling agent, use the Pricing Widget to navigate opportunities for your buyers by adjusting the search location and sales prices to determine what programs may be available.
  • Homebuyer Assistance Program Basics (4:19 minutes): Understand the ins and outs of the top three types of homebuyer programs you’ll find using Down Payment Resource: the down payment assistance program; below-market first mortgages; and the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC). Also, discover helpful tips common to most assistance programs.
  • Using the Personal Marketing Tool (1:49 minutes): Learn how to market yourself as a Realtor who understands homebuyer assistance programs. Add Down Payment Resource’s Personal Marketing Tool graphic and link to your website, email, blog, e-newsletter, and social media, allowing your clients and prospects to click and complete an eligibility survey. All leads return to directly to you.
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