Tax Search and Report Changes

Please note the following Matrix system changes:

  1. The “Tax” tab has been removed. All searches for the most current tax data should be done through the “Realist Tax” tab.  If you still want to do the old tax searches on the old tax data, you will find them by hovering over the “Search” tab and selecting “Tax (old data)” at the bottom of the list.
  2. When viewing a full listing display, click the PID number for the Realist Tax report.  This contains the most recent and complete information.  The “Prior Format” link has been removed because it was older data.  It will eventually be replaced by a Realist short format report.
  3. Tax data has been removed from the Property and Customer “Comprehensive” reports because it was outdated.  The vendor is working through some technical problems, but tax data will eventually be restored to the Comprehensive reports with updated Realist tax data.
  4. Links to the old tax data on customer portal displays have been removed.  Realist tax data will not be available through the customer portal yet, but we are working with the vendor on a special consumer display.
Updated tax data for 2012 assessments and 2013 taxes will start being delivered from the counties in the coming months.  We will post updates here as they become available in Realist.
For help using Realist:
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