Infosparks Enhancements

On Friday (September 27), the latest iteration of the interactive market analytics tool known as Infosparks will be available through NorthstarMLS Matrix.

(click on image to see an enlarged version)

Highlights of the new tool designed by 10K Research and Marketing, include multiple areas, more variables, usability on tablets, expanded metrics, customizable price ranges and live data widgets.

At this time, Infosparks will continue to default to the older tool, but users can switch over to the NEW Infosparks in the new toolbar.

Eventually, the new Infosparks will completely replace the old tool. Please note that “My Areas” are still only buildable and accessible in the old tool. These will be migrated to the new Infosparks as part of a near-future update. NorthstarMLS users can learn all about the new tool in a refreshed user manual and tutorial video starting on Friday.

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