Tip of the Week for 10/8

Create a Speed Bar Shortcut

Most of us have saved a search as a regular Saved Search or Auto Email.  But have you ever saved one as a Speed Bar Shortcut?  By saving a Speed Bar Shortcut, you can rerun a complex search or recreate a drawn map search area with just a few quick keystrokes.

Let’s say you have a specific area you like to search with a map shape that does not correspond to a municipality, Zip code, or school district.

  1. On the Map tab of a search, draw your shape (radius, rectangle or polygon).
  2. Select any other parameters you frequently use, such as Active status or single family houses.
  3. Select the Save button bar and then click the “New Speed Bar Shortcut” button.
  4. In the “Speed Bar Shortcut” box, type in a name for your shortcut.  You want to keep it as short as possible, because this is what you will type in each time you run the search.  The system automatically places a forward slash “/” as the first character.  This is required.  For example, if I drew an area around Lake Como, I may want to name it /como.
  5. Click the Save button.

Now anytime I want to start a search with my custom Lake Como area, all I need to do is type /como into the Speed Bar and hit the Enter key on my keyboard (or click the magnifying glass icon in the speedbar).  I can do this from any screen within Matrix.  The Speed Bar is located just below the tabs:

After executing the search, I can click the Criteria tab and enter any other criteria for my client.

By creating this shortcut, I no longer have to redraw my custom area around Lake Como every time I want to search it.  This works for any shortcut you want to create, not just map shapes.

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