Tip of the Week for 10/1

When using the Instanet Forms application, there are two version options: Lite and Pro.  If you are new to Instanet and not ready to get into the more advanced features, we recommend that you use the Lite version.  It is more streamlined and gives you access to all the basics, including Authentisign e-signatures.

After launching Instanet, it’s very easy to tell whether you are in the Lite or Pro version and to switch.  In Lite, the icons are all blue and the upper left of your screen says “Transaction Desk Lite”:

In Pro, the icons are all orange and the upper left of your screen says “Transaction Desk Pro”:

If you are in the Pro version and want to switch over to Lite, click the Lite/arrow icon in the upper right corner:

As long as you stay in the Lite version, it will come up automatically each time you launch Instanet.  When you become more familiar with the basics and want to explore more advanced features, Pro will always be there for you to try.

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