SQI Survey Results: Data Accuracy

SQI Survey Results: Data Accuracy

Data accuracy and listings quality is important across the online real estate space, prompting many written comments from our SQI Survey respondents. Ensuring the most accurate and clean data for our customers can be challenging and is an ongoing process.

“If I were to put my finger on the one thing that exasperates our customers most, it would be the submission of incomplete and inaccurate listing content that is also not updated properly,” said John Mosey, NorthstarMLS CEO and President. “Our service is intended to foster cooperation that leads to listings getting sold and commissions getting paid.”

We have come a long way in optimizing our MLS listing and tax data. For example, the elimination of misspellings and abbreviations with standard pick lists for cities and lake names. No more searching through 30-40 different spellings of “Minneapolis” or “Lake Minnetonka.”

“We’re all about data integrity and making sure that when people search, they have the best information possible,” said NorthstarMLS Director of IT, Ed Newman. “We developed an application to look at listings daily, find problems, and report them for us to follow up on. That’s been extended with ‘Report a problem with this listing’ feature” [a link below the main photo of every listing that users can click to ANONYMOUSLY report wrong data on a listing].

You can help! List your property accurately and completely. If you see a listing that has wrong information, report the listing to the NorthstarMLS Rules Department. You’ll be helping yourself, your seller/buyer and everyone else using the NorthstarMLS system by ensuring each listing is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible.

“Careless or lazy agents undermine the value of the MLS. They waste other agent’s time. They cause consumers to question our competence and professionalism. And, particularly foolish, they submit info to the service that is useless for appraisal purposes. Try to get financing on your sale without an appraisal,” said Mosey.

42% of Survey Respondents Add Written Comments
The SQI Survey allowed recipients to submit written comments. Here are a few that relate to MLS data accuracy:

• “It would be nice to have more policing of incorrect data and listings.”
• “Accuracy has more to do with agent submissions than with the actual program.”
• “It’s only as accurate as the listing agent.”

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