Tip of the Week for 9/17

Creating Quick Start Groups

When you create an Instanet transaction using the link under the photo, you don’t get the chance to use a template. However, you can use a Quick Start Group, and accomplish the same thing. To create a Quick Start Group, go to Transaction Desk Pro, then click on the settings button at the top. Quick Start Groups are available on the top row of the Settings screen. Create them much like you would a template. If you want, you can even set them up to automatically populate to certain types of transactions.

(Click the image below for a large preview)

Once you have the Quick Start Group created, you can select it instead of choosing an individual form. This can be done in Transaction Desk Lite or Pro. When you go to the Add Form screen, you will have a list of Quick Start Groups, and you can select it and add it to the transaction.

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