Stay at Home Order & Implications for Realtors

MNR Discusses the Implications of Gov. Walz's Stay-at-Home Order for Realtors®

Today, Minnesota Governor Walz issued Emergency Executive Order 20-20 directing Minnesotans to Stay at Home.

Realtors® and their clients may still conduct the activities necessary to facilitate real estate transactions in Minnesota during the time period covered by the order as long as they comply, to the maximum extent possible, with COVID-19 Guidelines including social distancing and hygiene and other requirements in the order. 

OPEN HOUSES Refrain from conducting open houses during this period. It is counterintuitive to be conducting an open house activity during the “Stay at Home” directive.

SHOWINGS Please consult with your seller clients regarding their wishes for showings. If you will be conducting showings, limit your showings until the consumer expresses interest, and prioritize virtual showings and other non-person-to-person activities. Utilize the virtual tours and photos available to prescreen homes you personally visit. 

UNDERSTAND The Governor can pull this essential services tag at any time. If we don’t act within the spirit of the Order, we will be in jeopardy of not being able to service our Minnesota real estate clients and customers. 

PLEASE NOTE You must conduct business within the COVID-19 MDH social distancing guidelines. Minnesotans may leave their homes or residences to engage in the following activities, provided that all persons follow the guidelines set forth and maintained by the Minnesota Department of Health (“MDH Guidelines”), including but not limited to social distancing, to the maximum extent possible. This list of Activities may be clarified, as deemed necessary by the Governor, to ensure the health, safety, and security of all Minnesotans. Clarifications are available here.

Watch Chris Galler discuss the Governor's order and its implications for Realtors® below. 

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1 Comment on “Stay at Home Order & Implications for Realtors

  1. The Open House policy, as implemented, makes little or no sense. I represent the builders of NEW VACANT homes. There is no occupant in the home, who is going to catch the corona virus from someone visiting an open house; nor is the person visiting going to get the corona virus from an occupant that does not exist. At the one house I can easily meet people outside the home, maintain a “safe” distance, and ask them to wait if another group is inside the home. Before the Open House I can and do use wipes to sanitize all door handles, drawer pulls, and counter-tops — or other surfaces that people might touch. Finally if I hold an Open House on Saturdays, the Vacant home sits empty for 6 days before again being held open to the public on the following Saturday. Everything I have read indicates that the virus — if it had been present and survived the cleaning — most likely would not have survived for 6 days.

    This process is far less likely to spread the virus, than allowing agents to schedule showings of occupied homes, which is curently permitted. Because the home is occupied, the buyers agent will not have had an opportunity to sanitize the door handles, drawer pulls, and counter-tops. Because the home is occupied, one of the occupants could have the virus and the virus could be in the air or on surfaces and therefore expose those who are showed the home. Or in the alternative, the agents showing the home and the prospective buyers could bring the virus into the home, exposing the occupants Because the home is occupied, the people occupying the home will want to return to the home directly after the showing; instead of leaving the home empty for a sufficient time for any virus to have died.

    I think your policy of allowing agent to schedule showing of occupied homes is far more dangerous and far more likely to spread the virus than any open house held at a new vacant home. I think you should re-think this policy and allow agents to schedule and hold an open house of a NEW UNOCCUPIED HOME.

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