Temporary Rule Change: Coming Soon StatusTemporary Rule Change: Coming Soon Status

NorthstarMLS has extended the maximum allowable time in Coming Soon Status from 21 days to 60 days.

This is an extraordinary measure during extraordinary times that we hope will not be necessary for long; however, we will consider further extension of the number of days permitted while in Coming Soon as circumstances may dictate.

The rule of no showings allowed while in Coming Soon status has not changed—only the amount of time you may leave a listing in that status. If you want to accept showing appointments, the listing still must be in Active status by the time of the first showing.

All listings currently in Coming Soon status will retain the current Availability Date you set when you entered the listing. You may go in and edit that date if you would like to take advantage of this extension.

Please note: For your existing Coming Soon listings, if you choose to take advantage of the extension, be sure to notify the showing agents (for any already approved showings during that period) that those showings are canceled.

Also, a reminder that earlier this week, we temporarily waived the requirement to allow showings for Active status listings as long as you disclose it in Public Remarks.

We hope you are all staying safe and healthy. NorthstarMLS is operating business as usual to support you and your clients.

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2 Comments on “Temporary Rule Change: Coming Soon StatusTemporary Rule Change: Coming Soon Status

  1. This is ridiculous. Either a home is for sale or it is not for sale. Coming soon means coming soon and not for sale means not for sale. The only thing extending coming soon will do is nullify buyer’s agency because plenty of people will cheat. Honestly, you think the nature ofpeople will change just because they are scared of getting sick so they’ll improve their morals?

    You honestly think people won’t call the number on the signs and arrange deals for coming soon houses? You honestly think sellers won’t just sell or get sick of the stress and set up deals while in coming soon? That shuts out buyers and potential.

    This decision is made out of fear and ignorance. If I have listings coming to market in June or July I might as well just put them on the market as a coming soon now because I can, and then find off market buyers. This decision will generate so many cheaters that the play by the rules people will have to catch up and get sketchy or go out of business. And how will you catch the cheaters?

    A house is for sale or it is not for sale. Extending coming soon is almost as short-sighted as creating it in the first place. The whole idea just makes it easier to hog transactions, get offers in place, make a house active, and then contingent right away because you already have an offer in place. It’s not like you actually have to physically see a home to submit an offer in today’s digital age. This whole thing shortchanges buyers and adds confusion to a market where the average consumer is already confused.

    Scrap this coming soon status all together. A house is for sale or it is not for sale. A listing agent would be stupid or naive not to try to secure an offer while in coming soon, especially if a seller wants them to do so or is likely to crumble under the stress and decide not to sell. Scrap coming soon. It only opens the system up to dishonesty and corruption.

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