All-New Homesnap Pro is now LIVE for NorthstarMLS!

The All-New Homesnap Pro is now LIVE for NorthstarMLS subscribers! Homesnap has been conducting extensive research for the past three years on what technology real estate agents actually want, and now it’s providing it all in one easy-to-use app that’s deeply integrated with NorthstarMLS.  

NorthstarMLS agents have already had free access to Homesnap Pro as a core service, but Homesnap just released the biggest update in its history.

With the All-New Homesnap Pro, agents can now

  • Find seller leads before the competition  
  • Help buyers find homes that aren’t even on the market yet 
  • Seamlessly collaborate with clients  

Click here to sign up for a webinar that will highlight these exciting new Homesnap features. Check out the full trailer of what’s all featured in the new Homesnap. If you don’t have the Homesnap app yet, download it in the App Store and Google Play Store. Or, click here to check out their website.  

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1 Comment on “All-New Homesnap Pro is now LIVE for NorthstarMLS!

  1. The tutorial is only for those who have the pro + version. As we load the app, that isn’t available. We don’t have the features that the moderator has, can’t follow along and the app behaves differently than she is explaining. She gave an address to pull up, and instead of find the address in the Twin Cities it found something in Missouri. And I couldn’t get rid of it. It is a total waste of time to have a 1 hour sales pitch that I can’t follow that says, If you can’t follow be in touch with support. That means buy the program. Give us temp access to show what it can do. You lost me, totally frustrating

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