Waterfront Breakout Added to Infosparks

A new property type breakout has been added to Infosparks: Waterfront Type. We are in the land of 10,000 lakes, after all, and, hey, the provider of Infosparks is called 10K Research. Get it? 10,000!

You can now find Waterfront Type as a fifth option on the left side of the Infosparks interface under Price Ranges, Foreclosures, Property Types and New Construction. Select it and you will see three breakouts for Non-Waterfront, Private Waterfront and Water Access / River. Select any Area above Breakouts and any of the housing metrics along the bottom of the screen and watch the magic happen.

“Party in slow motion. Out here in the open. Mmmmmm… motorboatin’.” — Little Big Town

Click the image below for a larger image preview:

Waterfront Definitions:

Private Waterfront: Listing has selected “Lake Front.” If there are multiple selections, it will fall in this category as long as Lake Front is one of them.

Water Access/River: River Front, Association Access, Shared, Dock, Channel Shore, Creek/Stream, Pond, or Other.

Non-Waterfront: Lake View, River View or no selection.

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