New Field: DNR Lake Class

NorthstarMLS has a new field in its listings database: DNR Lake Class.

The Lake Class applies to properties in Minnesota and is determined by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  When you enter a Minnesota lake property into NorthstarMLS, the Lake Class field is automatically populated from the DNR database.  We have also back-filled this field for existing listings.
You will find the DNR Lake Class field in the Waterfront search for all property types and cross property.  You can also add it to other searches using the “Add/Remove” link at the bottom of any search screen.  On displays, DNR Lake Class is in the Lake/Waterfront Information section (and will soon be added to the PDF reports). Here is how the Minnesota DNR defines its lake classes:

NATURAL ENVIRONMENT lakes usually have less than 150 total acres, less than 60 acres per mile of shoreline, and less than three dwellings per mile of shoreline. They may have some winter kill of fish; may have shallow, swampy shoreline; and are less than 15 feet deep.

RECREATIONAL DEVELOPMENT lakes usually have between 60 and 225 acres of water per mile of shoreline, between 3 and 25 dwellings per mile of shoreline, and are more than 15 feet deep.
GENERAL DEVELOPMENT lakes usually have more than 225 acres of water per mile of shoreline and 25 dwellings per mile of shoreline, and are more than 15 feet deep.
NOT APPLICABLE lakes have not been assigned a DNR Classification.
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