“FIND” is now Realtor.com Professional Search

The National listings search tool, FIND (from Move, Inc.), has been integrated into NorthstarMLS Matrix for years. Move Inc. (also owner of Realtor.com) has recently switched FIND over to its Realtor.com Professional Search.

The main reason for this change is that the technology platform that the original FIND program was built upon is outdated. Because of this outdated platform, they could not make improvements to the product. They completely re-wrote the program (now called Realtor.com Professional Search) on the same platform upon which the public Realtor.com site is built. This allows them to take advantage of that user interface and use common resources (programmers) that can continue to improve Pro Search as they move forward.

You can access Realtor.com Professional Search from the “External Links” widget here on the Matrix Home screen. Or, click the House icon below the main photo on any listing full display:   

PLEASE NOTE: When you first click a link to Realtor.com Professional Search, you will be required to enter your email address. It should be just the one time, but they are still working out some kinks. Until then, you may need to enter it more than once.

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