Tip of the Week for 8/13

It’s important to keep track of your listing expiration dates so that you have your contract renewals ready to go and keep your listings Active. This is easy to do in Matrix.

Here on the Matrix home page, you have a “My Listings” box that shows how many Active listings you have. It will also show you how many listings you have expiring in the next 14 days (black text) and how many expire in the next 7 days (red text). If you have no listings expiring in those time frames, the lines will not appear in you’re my Listings box. But if they do, click the “My Expiring Listings” line to get a display of which of your listings are expiring.

What if you want to see the Expiration Date for all of your Active listings, regardless of whether they are expiring in the next 14 days? Also in the My Listings box, click on the “All My Active Listings” link. This will take you to a single line display of all your listings. Next to the MLS # column is the “Expires” column. This lists all of your listing Expiration Dates. Click the column header to sort from soonest Expiration Date to the latest. Click the column header a second time to reverse the sort order.

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