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By popular demand, we recently made a change to our Add/Edit system where all photo uploads automatically have the photo filename as the photo caption. Also by popular demand, we now have a way for you to quickly clear those automatic captions if you don't want them. After uploading your photos, click the "Select All" box, then the "Remove Captions" button. The animation below shows you exactly how (click it to open a larger version in a new browser window). You can also use the new button to remove captions on individual photos or a selected group of photos.

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One comment on “Add/Edit Photo Captions
  1. Tiffanny says:

    Ever since you changed the add edit button and the settings on the portal with the auto search I have had nothing but air messages and unhappy customers with their searches… Can we just go back to the old technology that actually worked? The a data button has re auto-populated old listing information without me approving it on listings it’s changed the square footage to make it incorrect I’ve had so many errors on MLS listings it’s unbelievable… I had my new listing on with all of my marketing material printed and then a month later all the sudden it was all the comments from the prior listing in that that listing agent had put in there!! How does that even happen? Then on a new construction that I had everything printed on so I know what I had inputted… It had double the square footage on the MLS adding the above-ground square feet with the foundation twice so the square footage was almost a double of what it should have been how does this even happen?… I’ve heard several other agency the same things have happened on their listings something needs to be done about this!!! also almost every person I set up on an Otto Serge tells me how horrible it is and how they cannot navigate through it so they just click out of it and go to Zillow or Trulia or that is horrible for our industry!!!

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