Homesnap Stories

Bring Your Listing to Life with Homesnap Stories

With Homesnap Stories, you can add unique, engaging marketing content right to your active listings through the Homesnap Pro app.

Think of all the selling points about a home that are tough to get across in a photo. Now, you can take your own photos and videos and add them directly to your Homesnap listing. Add text, emojis, and even use augmented reality to create one-of-a-kind marketing content that you can also share on Facebook and Instagram. Record a voice-over or add music to personalize your Stories even more.

Homesnap wants agents to have an easy, engaging way to create marketing content (especially video) on their own, and that’s the benefit of Homesnap Stories. (And don’t forget, Homesnap is the technology provider of the Broker Public Portal!)

Check out this short video and see how Homesnap Stories works!

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