Tip of the Week for 2/25

Garage Stall Dimensions & Stall Numbers

While it is an optional field in the MLS, most buyers want to know information about a property’s garage – such as the dimensions and stall number. A spacious garage is desirable for many potential buyers. So promote it by giving the dimensions in the property details! Even if the garage can only hold a Mini Cooper, lawnmower and a snow shovel – more buyers want to know what sort of garage space is included.

Currently, 29% of Active/Pending/Coming Soon/TNAFS single family listings with a garage include the garage dimensions–an impressive use of the field, but potential buyers would love to have them included on more!

If you have a listing with omitted garage dimensions, we encourage you to update it. Better to give that information upfront to save time for everyone. Buyers and their agents will appreciate it! You will find Garage Dimension field in Add/Edit under the “Structure” section of the listing.

Don’t Forget About the Garage Stall #
Additionally, there is an MLS data field for garage stall number, for when there is a designated numbered parking space in the garage (more common in condos). In addition to Garage Dimensions, the Garage Stall Number can be included when using Add/Edit to input your listing.

The Garage Stall Number should be inputted in the “Structure” section of Add/Edit, in the “Garage Stall ID#” field. Once it has been entered, the Garage Stall # will be displayed in your listing

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One comment on “Tip of the Week for 2/25
  1. Michelle Armstrong says:

    I absolutely agree with this! Is there a way that an additional space can be added for the dimension of an additional stall? For instance, so many homes have a 3 car garage and the 3rd stall is rarely the same dimensions as the 2 stall. It would be VERY helpful to have at least one more option to add the dimensions.

    I hope this is a change that is seriously considered! Thank you.

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