Coming Soon: Button Updates

In our continuing spotlight on new features coming soon to Matrix, today we highlight Button Bars.

Watch Video (for best results, click the cog wheel icon on the video tool bar and
select the 720p resolution)

All actions that can be performed with listing data are now available in one central location with the button bars at the bottom of your search results.  Because there are so many actions, they are split into four separate button bars organized by function and accessible through subheadings.

The default bar (automatically appears every time you run a search), “Actions,” covers some of the most common actions such as revise (now labeled Criteria), email, print, CMA, scheduling showings, etc.:

Note there are four clickable subheadings above the button bars to change the visible buttons.  If you want to narrow or discard listings, change the sort order or view the listings as a particular client sees them, then click on “Refine” to access those buttons:

If you want to Save your results (as a new saved search, auto-email or speed bar shortcut), then click on “Save” to access those buttons:

And finally, click on “Carts” to access your property type and client carts:

We understand this new organization of action buttons will take some getting used to (particularly with the Narrow and Discard buttons not automatically visible on screen).  However, in the long run this layout will make it easier for CoreLogic to add additional functions to the system and for previously overlooked functions to be more easily accessed (such as viewing the listings as your clients see them).

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