Hmm, What Status Should I Use?


Like any industry, real estate has its own language, with plenty of jargon, specialized terms and abbreviations used daily by professionals in the biz. But lingo used by real estate professionals in the MLS system can sometimes be confusing when you’re selecting the proper status for a listing in the MLS.

Inaccurate listing statuses and untimely listing updates in the NorthstarMLS database continues to be one of the most common complaints to our Rules and Regs Department. It’s frustrating to everyone involved if you have to back track and tell an interested buyer that a property isn’t available because it’s listed wrong on the MLS.

In the first half of 2018, the NorthstarMLS Rules and Regs Department reported over 460 violations for listings in the NorthstarMLS system with an incorrect status. It’s an easy violation to avoid, and having listings in the correct status helps keep the MLS as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Our definitions infographic can help! It provides clarity with a definition and an example/situation of each Listing Status available in NorthstarMLS Matrix and when it should be applied. Give it a quick view!

Questions? Our rules & regs staff is here to help! If you have questions about NorthstarMLS rules and regs, contact us at or call 651-251-3210.

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