Coming Soon: Improved Mapping

In our continuing spotlight on new features coming soon to Matrix, today we highlight some very exciting features coming soon to mapping.

Watch Video (for best results, click the cog wheel icon on the video tool bar and select the 720p resolution)

  • Map tools incorporated into bar along top of map. Map area is much larger and easier to work with.  All previous map and map search functionality retained.
  • Shapes drawn on Matrix map now auto-fill with listings (map pins) that match your search criteria.
  • You can now easily change your map search area by dragging the shape lines to enlarge or shrink your custom search area.
  • MLS numbers on map pins now link you to the Property Full displays.
  • Click on any map pin (or click and drag groups of pins) to select them, just like you do with select boxes on the single line display.
  • The maximum number of map pins that will display on the map increased from 50 to 500.
  • All of the action buttons you use with displays are also available from the map, including Directions, BookAShowing, Email, Print, etc.
  • Quickly and easily switch views among search criteria, map and your results using the new tabs in the upper right.

Click the image below for a large screen preview:

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