Invite Your Contacts to Join You!

Now that you have downloaded and registered your Homesnap app (with Broker Public Portal), you’re ready to use one of its most valuable features: Invite your Contacts to both download the app and connect with you!

Close to a quarter of a million (237,700) consumers have already accepted NorthstarMLS agent Homesnap invitations and connected! Each one of those connections has the potential to spread the word to friends and family and help the Real Estate Industry’s source of data go viral.

Why invite your Contacts into Homesnap?

  • Reduces their need to look to third party sites for information.
  • If they accept your invitation, their Homesnap app is branded to you, and all inquiries they make about listings go direct to you.
  • They get to use the same tool that you use as an agent: one of the highest rated real estate apps, and with the most accurate data direct from 125 MLS’s (and growing) across the country.
  • No distracting advertising or redirects to other agents.

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3 Comments on “Invite Your Contacts to Join You!

  1. Hi,
    I thought I would follow up. Do you have any specific questions about property search or want to set up a showing? Please let me know how I can help!

    Thank You,
    Jeff Davis

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