Wisconsin Forms Notice

Effective immediately, all Wisconsin Forms are permanently removed from Instanet through NorthstarMLS. Any of these forms that you have already used and saved in the past will remain in your saved transactions and will not be deleted.  We are only removing the blank forms from the forms library and templates. Also, if your broker maintains its own set of Wisconsin forms in your broker forms library, those will not be removed.

We have removed the Wisconsin forms because:

  • The Wisconsin forms available on Instanet have always been incomplete. The Wisconsin Realtors Association (WRA) will not license their forms to Instanet. We have only been able to include those forms available through the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services which are a small subset of all the forms necessary for a practicing Realtor to do their job in Wisconsin.
  • For the forms we did provide in Instanet, we had no reliable way of knowing when important revisions were made, causing them to periodically go out-of-date and become not only unusable, but potentially a basis for professional liability. Unlike MN, in WI it violates licensing regulations to use old forms.
  • Agents licensed to do business in Wisconsin (who are members of WRA) have access to all Wisconsin Forms through ZipForms, exclusive licensor of the WRA forms.
  • NorthstarMLS forms are also available through ZipForms. This is the best source for complete and up-to-date Wisconsin forms.
  • The Wisconsin forms that we are removing from Instanet are available in PDF format on the website of the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.
  • If you have any questions regarding Wisconsin forms, contact the Western Wisconsin Association of Realtors at Jean@wwra.org or 715-381-4663.
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