Tip of the Week for 11/27

Tip of the Week – Broker Marketing With Stats

Brokers can use Infosparks to have regular discussions about market stats and ways to make the most of the data. Analyze trends together in order to identify new and niche markets during weekly office meetings with your agents.

Stats can absolutely help explain brokerage progress (or, gulp, stagnation) by comparing the broker’s pending sales and new listings counts to the total market to help measure success.

Manage seller returns and buyer costs by using stats to generate ideas on where to increase showings and open houses, or use market metrics to forecast home prices and dollar volume.

The possibilities are as endless as the number of possible graphs you can make in Infosparks, which is about 40 quintillion per location per metric! Give it a try.

You can access Infosparks on the Matrix Home screen in the External Links box, or by clicking on the Infosparks link when viewing any listing in the MLS.

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