Survey Results: NorthstarMLS Help Desk

Survey Results: NorthstarMLS Help Desk

Had a question or concern with the NorthstarMLS system last year? Hopefully you contacted the NorthstarMLS Help Desk. Perhaps you were one of the 89 % that rated the overall service quality of the NorthstarMLS help desk as “excellent” in our recent Service Quality Index (SQI) survey.

The help desk consists of five technicians who answer an average of nearly 700 calls and emails weekly. “The help desk staff was excited and proud of the survey results,” said Michael Bisping, Director of Customer Service. “We strive to make every customer experience exemplary.” Calls range from easily resolved issues such as a forgotten password, to more complicated issues such as security software that blocks NorthstarMLS from working properly on a laptop.

Survey results revealed that 22% of respondents communicate with the help desk at least 1-4 per month. We hope that this is a sign that our customers are more and more confident and comfortable in using our service and its many features.

42% of Survey Respondents Submitted Written Comments
The SQI Survey allowed recipients to submit written comments. Here are a few that relate to the NorthstarMLS Help Desk.

• “I think the service and quality are excellent. Help desk is outstanding.”
• “Help desk has always been friendly and HELPFUL! (I’ve used many help desks that are nowhere near your caliber!) Thanks!”
• “Overall, I find MLS very user friendly and the help desk is always very helpful.”

Not all written comments were as favorable, but these are far and away most representative of how the 89% of respondents felt.

If you need assistance, the NorthstarMLS Help Desk is available 8-5 PM (Monday-Friday) at 651-251-5456 (or toll free 1-877-251-5455). We’re also available by email You can also check the NorthstarMLS “Tip of the Week” page, which is updated on Monday’s with quick tips on commonly asked questions concerning functionality of the entire NorthstarMLS system. Are you on Facebook? The “Tips of the Week” page can also be accessed through the NorthstarMLS Facebook page.

We will be breaking down the rest of the survey results throughout the course of the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

A Look at the 2012 NorthstarMLS SQI Survey Results
• This Infographic visually summarizes the 2012 NorthstarMLS SQI Survey Results
• In SQI survey, the most common written comments, both positive and critical, were regarding MLS system change. Check out what some customers said regarding MLS System Functionality and Change.

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