Matrix 7.0 Debuts on Thursday

The new Matrix version 7.0 is coming this Thursday, November 2. Here is a reminder of what to expect, and how to prepare:

  • Client Portal. A redesigned, more intuitive, updated client portal based on consumer focus groups. It will automatically adjust to optimally display listings on your client’s device. If you want to give your active clients a “heads up” about the changes, share this video with them.
  • Listing Notes and Agent Notifications. In the redesigned portal, your clients can send you notes tied to specific listings. You can do a one-time set-up to be notified (by email or text) whenever you are sent a Listing Note. You can also choose to be notified of other client portal activities, such as when they visit the portal, mark favorites, etc. Watch this preview video on how, starting Thursday, you can set up your notifications (and header/footers).
  • Headers. Redesigned headers for your portal and reports, and a broader selection of them. The larger 1600 x 120 size will auto-adjust according to the screen size used to view. If you have designed your own custom headers, check out this previous news item. Also, watch this preview video on how, starting Thursday, you can set up your headers/footers (and portal activity notifications).
  • Google Maps. All Microsoft bing maps will be replaced with Google Maps throughout Matrix.
  • Revised EULA. When you log on to Matrix for the first time after the upgrade, you will be required to re-accept the End User License Agreement before you can proceed. It has been updated with the Google Maps terms of use and information about broker-selected copyright protection. Click here if you want to review the EULA in advance.
  • Matrix 7.0 Library. We put all of our info on version 7.0 here, on one web page.
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3 Comments on “Matrix 7.0 Debuts on Thursday

  1. Hello- My client asked about the Arrow that used to display next to the price in the single line display indicating a price reduction. Is this feature still functioning or is this no longer displayed. Please advise.

    • Hi Sharron,

      Clients still have access to that display. Map View is the default display and doesn’t include price changes. Clients will need to select “Portal Single Line” from the drop down menu and they will see price changes just how they were able to in the past. It just takes a click/tap.

      Our Client Portal video above talks about switching portal display views in the video we have available.

      Contact our help desk if you still have questions – or 651-251-5456. >RW

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