Matrix Custom Headers

Have you uploaded your own custom header to Matrix that displays on your client portals and reports?  When Matrix 7.0 releases on November 2nd, it will now support a larger header size: 1600 x 120 pixels. Your current custom header will still work in version 7.0. However, at some point you may want to redo it to take advantage of the larger size. Supported file formats are still JPG and GIF. (Note: avoid putting important information on the right side of your custom header as it may be cut off when printing reports. This will be fixed in version 7.1, which is coming soon.)

If you want a header banner but don’t want to create your own, version 7.0 will have many more predesigned choices (like the one above).  Watch for more details to set up your own Matrix header (as well as your client portals and the new portals notification feature).

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