Over $20 Billion Sold on MLS

Dear NorthstarMLS Subscribers,

Last year, the subscribing agents and brokers of NorthstarMLS sold over $20 billion of real estate.

$20 Billion Plus! That’s an amazing feat that you helped make possible. Congratulations.

NorthstarMLS is proud to be your partner is making homeownership happen. The information we safeguard, the rules we enforce and the community we foster help you do what you do with confidence.

Thank you for helping us make the market work.


John Mosey
NorthstarMLS President & CEO

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3 Comments on “Over $20 Billion Sold on MLS

  1. Most agents don’t realize how fortunate we are to have such a visionary industry leader like John. The staff at Northstar are second to none, and the technology is cutting edge and always improving.

    A big thank you to John for his tireless leadership, innovative spirit and ongoing commitment to making our market work.

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