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To kickoff Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Star Tribune recently ran a story about the NorthstarMLS Drive Focused campaign and website we launched to raise awareness on distracted driving in honor of our Rules & Regulations Administrator, Hubert “Hugh” Skanes-Cady (Trimble), who tragically lost his life in July of 2016 as the result of a motor vehicle crash when he was rear ended while riding his motorcycle.

It was the top-read story of the day on on Sunday (4/2) after it was posted. Click here to read the article. Share it on social media and help spread the word to #DriveFocused this month!

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month nationwide, so it’s very likely you’ll see more stuff than normal on this topic via your social media feeds, TV, radio or other outlets.

If you haven’t already, take 30 seconds and fill out the pledge form below to Drive Focused.

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