Tip of the Week – ShowingTime FAQ Guide

ShowingTime has compiled a list of frequently asked questions from homeowners. Here are some general questions they have about ShowingTime products. Pass them along to your clients to help them use the ShowingTime app during the selling process.

1. The homeowner can only see their previous listing agent’s information in the app. How can they update their mobile app with the correct information?
The homeowner contact is connected to their listing id, which is a property of a listing agent. So if you seller has been working with a different agent and had the ShowingTime mobile app on their phone, it will continue showing the old information. Instruct the homeowner to uninstall the mobile app and enable access for your homeowner from their new listing. Learn more

2. A homeowner has the same listing for sale and for rent. How can they see all the activity in their account?
Each homeowner is connected to a unique listing id and can only see the activity on one listing at a time. However, as a listing agent, you can merge the listings for sale and for rent in your ShowingTime account and help your sellers see and manage the activity on both listings in the mobile app or on desktop. Learn how

3. Homeowners would like to mark specific hours as “Unavailable” for showings.
The homeowners cannot set up their own calendar availability, but as a listing agent, you can easily do that for them by creating “Showing Restrictions” rule for their listing. Learn how

4. Homeowners would like to know who the showing agent is for the upcoming appointment.
Many homeowners are concerned about who’s coming to their home when they’re not there. A simple name or an office affiliation will put their mind at ease and help them connect appointments with feedback responses.

We offer three configurable options on the office level: 1) to display showing agent and office name, 2) office name only, 3) no details at all. If you have questions about your office setup, your office manager can help answer these questions. Learn more

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