Tip of the Week for 1/23

Tip of the Week: Agent Marketing with Stats

Have you tried Infosparks to create and share market activity in your area? It’s a NorthstarMLS core service that’s handy for reviewing up-to-date market stats, creating information-rich graphics and more, using NorthstarMLS data. You can access Infosparks on the Matrix Home screen in the External Links box, or by clicking on the Infosparks link when viewing any listing in the MLS.

By promoting yourself and your brand with data-rich products, market stats can help increase your credibility in the marketplace. Being able to reply to “How’s the market?” with ease and confidence, along with empirical evidence to back up your answer, creates an influential reputation and strengthens your negotiating power in the market.

Add stats to drip marketing campaigns. Promote properties and services by comparing your personal track record to the market. Example: “My homes sell in X fewer days than the market average of Y.”

Deeper interactions with facts will empower clients to make data-driven decisions, and it will be easier to connect with analytical personalities as well as to guide emotional decision makers.

Create stories that are universally understood by presenting market stats combined with your trend analysis to dominate your market!

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