Drive Focused for the Holidays

Take a glance in your rearview mirror and you’ve probably noticed by now that the holidays are fast approaching. For many, it’s one of the busiest, yet exciting times of the year. With holiday parties, gift shopping and just downright busier than normal schedules, distracted driving becomes an even greater problem during the holidays.

Drivers simply can’t do two things at once. It’s an activity that requires your full attention and focus in order to keep yourself and others safe. After losing one of our own this past summer in a crash involving a distracted driver, we’ve embarked our Drive Focused campaign to help raise awareness on distracted driving.

Please take a moment to take the pledge to #DriveFocused on our website. Once you take the pledge, share and help us spread the word through your friends/contacts on social media! Together, our efforts could help avoid injury and even loss of life.

Have a happy and SAFE holiday season.

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