Tip of the Week for 9/12

Minnesota is home to some of the best schools in the country, according to a recent Newsweek article.

The quality of a school district is a top factor for parents considering where to live. Labor Day has passed and school is back in session statewide for the 2016-17 school year. If you have a client that looking for specific school information, check out one of these tools that are included with your NorthstarMLS subscription!

RPR & RPR Mobile
An RPR school search yields an important array of information, such as ratings from GreatSchools, test scores, enrollment, student/teacher ratios, the number of students receiving free lunch, parent reviews, maps, nearby schools, contact information, and active listings within that district. With RPR Mobile, you can use your phone’s location to instantly view school information. With RPR and RPR Mobile, you can create, customize, view, save, and send RPR school reports for a school district or radius for your clients. This 2-minute video shows you how to create a RPR school report.

The Neighborhood Profile in Realist Tax lets you take an in-depth look at the neighborhood for the property, including the people (population), the housing statistics, quality of life information, and schools and other areas of interest. The Schools section of the report lists the public and private schools within a specified geographic area. You can configure the geographic area in the Neighborhood Profiles report preferences to fit your clients’ needs.

Homesnap Pro
If you’re out with a client and need to quickly access school information (from your smart phone), Homesnap is perfect! Quickly look at local schools in the map view or through the search function. Then you can narrow your home searches to a particular school attendance zone and filter further by home-specific details. This quick video demonstrates school attendance zone searching with Homesnap.

True Lifestyle Cost
With TLC, you can use the TLCengine portal to find all the rankings for schools within specific school district on the property details page. Print or send the school information to your clients. You can also use TLCengine to search based on school districts.

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