Rules Roundup: The Q1 2016 Summary

Each week the NorthstarMLS Rules & Regulations Department receives reports of potential issues with listings in the Matrix System. You’ve probably run across these at some point. Anything from inaccurate data – wrong square footage measurements or photo issues – such as a company sign in the photo, to name a couple examples.

What’s the Need for Rules in the MLS? 
In quarter one of 2016, the Rules & Regs Department addressed 5,134 listing violations (a record high for a first quarter) – 98% of them were waived or no fine was given. But the notices are an important part of ensuring the most accurate and up-to-date data for NorthstarMLS subscribers.

Watch our Q1 Summary Video (under 2 mins!) and see what the Top 5 Listing Violations and Top 5 Incorrect Data Issues were for NorthstarMLS subscribers this past quarter.

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