New Data Fields Coming to NorthstarMLS

Starting Thursday, March 15, there will be new data fields added to all property types.  Most of these are to accommodate our April 1 expansion into central Minnesota with the Greater Lakes Association members joining NorthstarMLS.

Yearly/Seasonal:  Indicate whether the property can be used year-round or whether it can only be used partial year seasonally. When creating a new listing, this field will automatically default to “Yearly.”

For Rent MLS Number:  If you have a for sale listing that is also available for rent, enter the MLS number of the for rent listing.  It will appear as a link on the for sale listing so that you can easily click back and forth between the two.

Lake/Waterfront Fields

As we expand our presence in greater Minnesota, more detailed information about lake/waterfront properties is becoming increasingly important.

Lake/Waterfront Name:  This is currently a free-form text entry field.  We are changing this to a standard pick list.  When entering a new listing, after selecting County, you will be able to select from a list of all bodies of water in that county that are recognized by the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  This will also improve searches as all lake names will now have standard spellings.  No more wildcard searches trying to account for all the different spellings, misspellings and abbreviations!

All of the following new fields are optional:

Waterfront Footage:  The length of waterfront frontage (in feet) included with the property.

DNR Lake ID#:  NorthstarMLS will auto-fill this field based on the Lake Name you select.  This number will be useful for you to have for getting more information about a lake on the DNR Website.

Lake Acres:  The total number of acres of the Lake.  NorthstarMLS will auto-fill this field from the DNR database for the Lake Name you select.

Lake Depth:  The maximum depth of the lake (in feet).  NorthstarMLS will auto-fill this field from the DNR database for the Lake Name you select.

Lake Chain Name:  This is currently available for the Greater Lakes area only.  Additional lake chains around the state will be added later.  We define a lake chain as a group of two or more lakes that are connected by navigable waterway(s).

Lake Chain Acreage: The total combined acreage of all lakes in the chain.

Road Between the Waterfront and Home?  If a road runs between the waterfront and the home, select Yes, otherwise No.

Elevation Highpoint to Waterfront Slope:  The description of the slope from the highest point of land to the waterfront.  Options are gradual, level and steep.

Elevation Highpoint to Waterfront Feet:  The amount of vertical feet from the highest point of land to the waterfront.  Options are 0-4, 4-10, 10-15, 15-26, 26-40 and 40+.

Lake Bottom:  Describe the lake bottom.  Options are gravel, hard, rocky, sand, soft, undeveloped, weeds/reeds and wetland.  If applicable, you can select more than one option.

Waterfront View:  Describe the view from the property.  Options are bay, city lights, golf course, harbor, lake, panoramic, river, north, south, east, west and see remarks.  You can select more than one option.

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