Tip of the Week for 1/7

Adding Additional Search Fields: Terms (seller will accept)

Have you ever wanted to add a new field to your search that lets you search for properties that are FHA, DVA or Contract for Deed? When you’re in Matrix, click the “Search” tab to get to the Single-Family/Multi-Family screen. Then select the type — General, Detail or Address. At the bottom left of the page, you will see “Additional Fields” with the option to Add or Remove them. Click on the “Add/Remove” to view a list of “Available Fields.” (Note: You will not see the option to remove a field unless you have already added a new field.)

Now you’re on the “Frequently Used Fields” page (shown above). You have the option to choose from a large alphabetized list of fields, including: Terms (seller will accept). Highlight the “Terms” field and click the “Add” button to move it to “Selected Fields.” Once you’ve added the proper field, click “Back.”

You are now able to scroll through the Terms field, where you will find several different options.

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