Instanet Forms–New Version

Instanet Forms has released its new version that has a more mobile-friendly look and feel. The new system is also easier to use and more powerful. To try out the new system, log on to Instanet and click the “access the NEW version” graphic at the top of the screen (as shown above).

The cutover to the new version will be made in three phases:

  1. Phase I (March 15): The new system is now available. You have the choice of staying on the old system, trying the new system, and moving back and forth between them. Both systems share the exact same user database, so all data is live and the same in both the old and new systems. (It’s like moving between Pro and Lite today.) No history or information is lost between the two.
  2. Phase II (Date TBD): All users will automatically be switched over to the new system as their default. However, the old system will still be available to use if you are not quite comfortable yet with the new system.
  3. Phase III (Date TBD): The old system will be shut off and users will exclusively use the new system. Note: this is still months away and will not occur near the May 3rd switchover from BookAShowing to ShowingTime.

Check out this document that includes a list of the features, how to move to the new system, and links to overview and training videos. This document is also linked under the Instanet Forms link in the “External Links” box here on the Matrix home page, and from the Home Tab drop-down menu.

Watch here on the Matrix news screen for more details and reminders. If you are a member of the Minnesota Association of Realtors, also watch for news in their Monday eREsource and April newsletter.

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