Easier to Identify Contingencies

Since the Contingencies field was added to NorthstarMLS, single line displays have included a lowercase letter “c” in the Status column so that you can see at a glance which listings are still Active and accepting showing appointments, but have an offer accepted based on a contingency.

This feature has been enhanced so that the lowercase letter now identifies specifically which contingency.  If you are not sure which contingency a specific letter represents, move your cursor over the letter to reveal a pop-up window.  Here is an example:

Moving your cursor over “A,t” reveals that an offer has been accepted contingent on third party approval.  This saves you the time of having to open the detail display on every listing to see the contingency type.  Here are the other codes:

i = Inspection
s = Sale of Another Property
t = Third Party Approval
r = Subject to Statutory Rescission (Association documents review)
a = Application Received (Rentals)
o = Other

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