Tip of the Week for 9/21

Tip of the Week – DPR Customizable Flyers for Agents

A report that was published earlier this year suggested that 87 percent of U.S. homes qualify for down payment help. Down Payment Resource, a NorthstarMLS core service, is often used to generate leads and/or connect buyers to homeownership programs.

DPR has designed customizable marketing flyers (click to see an example) that agents can use to show buyers how they can help them find a down payment program in their market. Follow these simple steps to use one:

1. Click to download the flyer document — click here to browse the available templates.
2. Add your contact information, including website and phone number. Insert a photo – you can scale the photo to the size you’d like.
3. Save as a PDF document. (Select File/Save As/PDF)
4. Print, upload to your website and/or share on social media.

How can DPR help generate more leads for my real estate business?
Whether you are new to DPR, or have been using it since it was incorporated into the MLS in 2010, DPR can be a great lead generator for your business. You can begin searching for homes in your client’s target area using NorthstarMLS and quickly match them with available funding for down payment assistance. Any property listing in NorthstarMLS will display the DPR icon if a property is potentially eligible for payment assistance programs.

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