Tip of the Week for 8/5

Find Lots Located ‘On Golf Course’

There are plenty of gorgeous golf courses scattered throughout the MLS territory and currently there are nearly 300 active listings on NorthstarMLS which are described as, “On Golf Course.” If you have a client who wants to be on or near a golf course, you can identify these properties and include the information in the next report you send them.

First, using the Add/Remove widget in the Additional Fields box, add the “Lot Description” field. Once you’ve added it, scroll down until you find the “On Golf Course” option and select it, as seen in the screen shot below.

If a listing is on or near a golf course, that information is going to be found in the General Property Information section of the property report. You can (and should) also include property information relating to golf courses of your listing in the Public Remarks field.

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