Tip of the Week for 7/22

DNR Lake Class & DNR Lake Finder

If you’re using any of the Waterfront searches to find a desired property for your client, try using the “DNR Lake Class” field. This will give you a description of the type of lake that is near the property. The Minnesota DNR makes the classification through its Shoreline program. This can be helpful if you have a home buyer that is looking for a specific water activity, such as fishing or water skiing. Click the ? icon, next to the lake class box, to get a definition of each of the categories. Here are the descriptions you’ll find:

  • Natural Enviroment lakes usually have less than 150 total acres, less than 60 acres per mile of shoreline, and less than three dwellings per mile of shoreline. They may have some winter kill of fish; may have shallow, swampy shoreline; and are less than 15 feet deep.
  • Recreational Development lakes usually have between 60 and 225 acres of water per mile of shoreline, between 3 and 25 dwellings per mile of shoreline, and are more than 15 feet deep.
  • General Development lakes usually have more than 225 acres of water per mile of shoreline and 25 dwellings per mile of shoreline, and are more than 15 feet deep.
  • Not Applicable lakes have not been assigned a DNR Classification.

The DNR Lake Class information displays on the property and customer full reports. Unfortunately, not all Minnesota lakes are in the Shoreline program and those lakes will be classified in the MLS as, “Not Applicable.” You can still find information about those lakes using the MN DNR Lake Finder, which is found in the External Links box on the Matrix home page, as seen below.

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