Tip of the Week for 6/24

Setting Up Teams

Setting up a team for Add/Edit is a 3-step process:
1. Set up the team
2. Add members to the team
3. Add listings to the team

Many of our users complete the first two steps, but do not know that they still must add listings to the team. Each listing has a Team Name field, directly below the name of the agent. Someone with team Edit permissions must open the listing and select the team name from the drop down box, as seen in the screen shot below.

If the agent who created the team cannot do this, then a broker or office administrator will have to execute this change. Whoever does this must be a part of the team, so remember to include your office administrator or broker as a team member, if needed.

Do you work with other agents as part of a team or have multiple office assistants that help manage your MLS activity? Click here to learn how to set up your team.

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