MLS Photo Tips with John Walsh Pt. 1

NorthstarMLS Listing Photography Tips – A picture could be worth a 1,000 leads

No verbal description can compete with a good listing photograph when entering a listing into the MLS. Many buyers search online during their home buying process and view properties for the first time online before actually seeing them in person. That means good, thoughtfully composed photographs are your clients’ property’s first impression to potential buyers. On the Internet, homes with better photos get more clicks. The more views your listing gets, the more potential buyers you reach.

We realize that many of you hire professional photographers to shoot your listing photos and that’s fine, but there are many that do not have that luxury and must take your own listing photos. To better understand some of the basic fundamentals, techniques and challenges associated with taking better real estate listing photos, we went out on site to watch John Walsh (professional photographer and local broker/real estate agent for 25 years) shoot photos for one of local agent Molly Gill’s listings.

Check out this video as John shares some of his photography tips to help make your listing photos standout online!

Click the Play button on the video above to watch in your current browser window, or click the link below to view it in a new window. This is one of a two-part series — watch for the second part coming soon.

Click here to watch the video in a new window

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