New My Listings Alerts

We have added two new alerts to your “My Listings” box on the Matrix Home screen.  They look like this:

The alerts are for:

  • Pending Past Projected Closed Date: When you have a listing that is past the Projected Closed Date, an alert in red font will inform you “My Pending Listings PAST Projected Closed Date.” Click the link to see the listing (s). The rule is that the listing must be closed within 24 hours of the Projected Closed Date (or the Projected Closed Date changed if it has been rescheduled). This alert is a reminder and gives you the opportunity to correct it before receiving a Notice to Correct from Rules & Regs.
  • Missing Photo: When you have a listing with no photo, an alert in red font will inform you “My Active listings with no photo.” Click the link to see the listing (s). The rule is that at least one photo must be uploaded within two business days of entering the listing into the MLS. (Does not apply to Lots & Land, To-be Built/Floor Plan or Under Construction where photos are not required.)

These alerts are in addition to the already existing alerts for Active listings that are expiring within the next 14 or 7 days.

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