Tip of the Week for 6/3

Auto Email ID/Result Count

If you have an active listing, go to My Matrix, My Listings and select a listing to use the Reverse Prospect feature. This shows you a list of auto emails being sent to prospective buyers, along with the name and contact information for the buyer’s agent. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Reverse Prospect feature:

How do I email all the agents on the list?
You can’t. We don’t allow mass emails from the NorthstarMLS system. However, if you want to email multiple agents, you can copy and past their email addresses into your email program.

What is the Auto Email ID?
It’s an internal number corresponding to the auto email in the MLS system.

What is the Result Count?
This shows how many total listings are in the auto email. For example, if the Result Count is 5, that means your listing is one of five properties in that search. If the Result Count is 185, that means your listing is one of 185 properties in that search. Because the smaller searches are targeting very specific kinds of properties, we list those at the top of the list. Less specific searches are further down. Generally, it makes more sense to contact the agents at the top of the list than those at the bottom.

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