Real Estate Rush Hour: Measuring Up

Real Estate Rush Hour – “Measuring Up”

Remember, list your property accurately and completely. If you see a listing that has wrong information, report the listing to the NorthstarMLS Rules Department. You’ll be helping yourself, your seller/buyer, appraisers and everyone else using the NorthstarMLS system by ensuring each listing is as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible. In our latest edition of Real Estate Rush Hour, Sheriff Polaris and Deputy Flicker demonstrate the proper way to measure a room.

Real Estate Rush Hour Comic Strips As we recently announced, we created a comic strip — Rush Hour Real Estate — to add an element of fun to the dry subject of NorthstarMLS rules & regulations education. Follow along with the adventures of our woodland characters as they navigate their own version of a world of MLS rules. See them all here.

Real Estate Rush Hour Animated Video In addition to Real Estate Rush Hour comic strips, we created an animated cartoon for your viewing pleasure. Watch the adventures of our woodland characters, Polaris and Flicker — don’t forget to turn your volume up! Watch it here.

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