MLS Field Changes

UPDATE:  The following MLS field changes are now available on Matrix, Add/Edit and Instanet Forms:

Parking Description Changes: At the recommendation of a task force of agents who work regularly with condos, we have made the following changes:
  • Parking Characteristics—“Fee” replaced with three options: More Parking Onsite for Fee, More Parking Offsite for Fee and Valet Parking for Fee. If you have an existing listing with the replaced “Fee” selected, it will still be there, however we recommend that you edit your Active and TNAS listings to select one of the new options. (All Property Types except Lots & Land)
  • Association Fee Includes—Two new options added: Parking Space and Valet Parking. (All Property Types except Multi-Family and Commercial) 
  • RULE REMINDER: If a garage stall is not included in the List Price or Association Fee, then you must enter a 0 in the Garage Stalls field, even if one is available for an additional cost.  Use the Parking Characteristics field to describe the fee options.
Exterior: The “Metal/Vinyl” selection has been split into two separate selections for Metal and Vinyl. Existing listings with “Metal/Vinyl” selected still have it. We suggest you edit your Active and TNAS listings to choose either Metal or Vinyl. (All Property Types except Lots & Land)
Multiple PIDs? (Yes/No): If you list a property with more than one PID number (such as more than one land parcel combined into one listing or a condo with a parking stall with it’s own PID), select “Yes” for this field to alert potential selling agents and their clients. (We suggest entering the additional PID numbers in one of the Remarks fields.) In Add/Edit, this required field is located right after the PID number and defaults to “No.” All existing listings have been auto-filled with “No.” If you have an existing Active or TNAS listing with multiple PIDs, you need to edit the listing to reflect that. (All Property Types)

Terms (seller will accept): Added an option for “Conventional Rehab.” This will also be added to the Existing Financing and Financing Terms of Sale fields in early June. (All Property Types)

Extra Room Selections: We added three new Extra Room selections: Bonus Room, Hearth Room and Walk-In Closet. (Single Family, Rentals and Multi-Family)
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